Book Review ~ “Claire de Lune”

Title: Claire de Lune
Author: Christine Johnson
Genre: Teen
Rating Out of Five: 3.5

This was a very quick read, took me only a couple of hours.
Another take on werewolves but in this series werewolves are only female, never male. Also, humans know of werewolves but they don’t know that they are strictly women, the general populace is completely ignorant of this fact.

The story focuses on Claire who finds out real quick at the beginning of the story that she is a werewolf and that she needs to keep it a secret from everyone. Oh, and she is “in like” with the son of the Doctor who wants to kill all of her kind. This, of course, creates plenty of issues throughout the story for the teen couple and between Claire and her mother as well.
Her new Pack life as a werewolf is steeped in a lot of tradition that is passed from mother to daughter and causes a lot of frustration for Claire and her mother as they don’t see eye-to-eye on pretty much anything. While Claire slowly comes into her new aspect of her life she struggles with keeping the secret of being a werewolf to protect the pack and to not have to lie continually to those around her, especially her friends.

I didn’t find this book so packed with drama-filled teenager-ness like so many other teen books but Claire’s mother drove me a little crazy. She was very overprotective and not giving reasons for why things are the way they are in any given situation. She wasn’t very good at listening to what Claire had to say about anything either for a good chunk of the book. That was, for me, the most irritating part.

Although the writing wasn’t the greatest, in my opinion, I did enjoy the idea for the werewolves in this story, different is good. I am still not sure if I want to read the next book, I’ll have to let it mull about for a little while before I decide.


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