The White Fluffies Just Won’t Stop! (& #56 – DONE)

It has snowed literally all day here. It is so terribly depressing. I know that it is still February but it had been pretty nice out for most of the last week so snow was the last thing that I expected. Doesn’t look like a lot of snow and I’m sure it will melt rather quickly but it still makes me feel all “meh”.

This is at 10 this morning and it had snowed since well before I woke up, just before 8.

And then again at 3 this afternoon…

Overcast all day long makes me 😦 and sunshine makes me :D. Come on Mother Nature stop teasing us!

Anyway weather was not my intended topic so on to what I meant to mention.

I got through 24 hours of no phone or any kind of social media (Facebook, Twitter, email). I do rely on my phone a LOT for much more than just phone calls or texting. The not being able to contact anyone or vise versa made me a little anxious in the beginning especially as all my contacts are in my phone and google account. While I had plenty of other things to occupy my time I was still thinking about my phone quite a bit. But that aside, generally once I make a decision about something I follow it through. Stubborn is definitely a good word to describe me and I really, really dislike failing especially if all I needed was stronger willpower.
I think that I might make something like this a weekly thing, it would be very good for me, I shouldn’t feel lost without my phone.


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