Find the Perfect Climbing Tree #43 – DONE

So I found this wonderful, perfect tree just right beside the park I usually take my son to play but because it’s in the middle of a creek I wasnt able to inspect it further until yesterday. As I am always at the park with my son he would have wanted to follow me down the creek bed and he doesn’t have the coordination to manuever around rocks, water and mud, so that would have been a mess. So this is the result of my solo trip yesterday afternoon/evening. I want to go back wearing better shoes next time so I can climb higher. Converse is lovely and all but they don’t have much in the way of grip on them and I didn’t want to fall.

It is kinda cool what you find when you aren’t really looking for it. This wasn’t one of the things on my list that had gone through my mind recently and yet it worked out to be just the thing I am able to cross off. Didn’t think that I would find it so close to home either. That is a plus cause now I can go back as often as I want to.
The only reason I went home when I did yesterday was because it was getting cold and a little dark out otherwise I would have stayed out longer and took a few more pictures.
It was so fun!


4 thoughts on “Find the Perfect Climbing Tree #43 – DONE

    • Thanks! I actually am scared of heights as well but it has more to do with the possibility of falling while I am coming down that scares me more than anything I think. I am like a cat, I go up just fine, the coming down isn’t nearly as graceful Lol


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