* List Doings At The Moment

So here is another update post of what I am working on mostly at this point in time. There are some things that I haven’t included in this post as I am still either looking around/thinking about it or don’t have the funds for it. Plus there are a couple of things that I am ready to do but the weather isn’t working with me yet.

My main focus has been writing for my sons journals (#127), Japanese (#70), focussed more on the Kanji and Kana right now, and book reviews (#104).

I believe that I’ve found a good place to get the professional photos (#68) I want to get done. Just need to start saving up some money for that.

I haven’t been watching much TV or movies lately (#82). I’m up so early to walk to work (4:30am *bleh*) so I either fall asleep during the movie is on or even before I can start one. I did get myself all caught up on The Big Bang Theory and Grimm this past week though. So good!

(#2) I’m always working on this one. I have way too much music! Last month I got myself a TB external hard drive as my music is now taking up about 90GB of space on my PC hard drive. Now i can finish ripping all my CD’s onto my new external. I am always adding to my music collection, I have all kinds of stuff.
Lately I have been completely absorbed in Korean and Japanese music groups as of late, every now and then I go on kicks. It’s a good month for new Asian music. A new album, CHAIN, comes out Feb 22nd from Japanese group KAT-TUN. And a new mini album, Alive, comes out Feb 29th from Korean group BIGBANG. Both albums kick off tours for both groups and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the new stuff, and in a few months time, seeing concert footage. Think these two might be my two next music reviews 🙂

Still working my butt of with the no more swearing (#113). I swear a lot more than I thought I did and I honestly didn’t think that this would be so difficult but it really is. It has gotten some better but I’ve seriously got my work cut out for me. Please send all happy, carefree, relaxing thoughts my way! Need all the help I can get!

Collaging (#71) is in a constant  state of progress. I will try to post pictures maybe every second week. I am trying to work on it around twice a week but that may not always happen depending on my daily busyness.

My music writing (#15) is coming along. Again the focus for this comes and goes, as having the time to for it is never guaranteed. I am carrying my notebook with me when I have my bag with me and jot everything else down in my phone if I don’t have it with me.

My PAL application (#89) is momentarily at a standstill as I have no printer ink for my printer 😦 So because of that I haven’t been able to print the application off yet. Hopefully I will be able to do this around the end of the month. why is printer ink so ridiculously expensive *sheesh*

Now to some exciting bits….

I have a tattoo sitting booked at the beginning of March for my back piece. It’s been like two and a half years since my last sitting. Already getting really excited for it and some nervous as well for it.
And I only have just over five and a half months until I get married! Time is moving way faster than I thought. Good times to be had 🙂


3 thoughts on “* List Doings At The Moment

  1. This girl is just amazing. Sets a goal and goes for it. She deserves the best and only the best. Her passion shines through everyday and makes even the cloudy days brighter. Go hard, go strong. We only have one life to live and your making everyday count.


    • Heh heh I believe that will prolly be the case time wise. Thankfully I am not actually planning a wedding ceremony. Getting married in the morning with just witnesses and the minister and then having a big BBQ, party-like reception later on in the day. I am wanting something as relaxing as possible and that everyone can attend as the ceremony is generally restricted to a degree. Plus summer BBQ’s absolutely rock so it better not rain!


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