* Collage Picture Updates (#71)

I had kind of meant to get these up earlier but my son was sick one week and then I got sick just as he got better so there hasn’t been much use of the computer as of late. And to be honest whatever free time I have had I have used it to sleep or read the last couple weeks. So anyway on with the pictures!

My focus has been the hallway inside the entrance at this point and then the hallway that runs parallel to it. The main entrance hallway is where most of my attention has been for this project so far though. I have bits spread throughout my apartment and I think I am going to amalgamate those pieces into the hallway sections so it won’t feel as sporadic.
I am liking using the poster board as the backing for it but I am not too sure that I am particularly fond of how it looks or … ‘feels’… It is terribly convenient especially with the amount I move around but there is something very wonderful about watching it come together slowly piece by piece onto the wall. I have one board that is halfway done and then after that I think I may go back to placing it directly on the wall. It’s still something that I am thinking about.

If anyone has suggestions for this, certainly open to hearing them 🙂

2 thoughts on “* Collage Picture Updates (#71)

    • That is me for most other, well, pretty much everything. Procrastinating is a terrible habit that I have as well.
      I actually did a project like this around 9-10 years ago now but it was only one room, so wanted a much larger challenge.
      It’s like my own personal, theraputic tetris game that expresses a huge chunk of randomness lol I do so enjoy random 🙂


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