Movie Review ~ Batch

Again I am really darn slow with getting this posted :/ But at least once this one is up it should be easier to stay on top of it. Especially now that I don’t have my focus on my Project 365. So here it is…

Title: Tangled
Movie Rating ~ Length: PG ~ 100 min
Genre: Children, Animation
Rating out of Five: 4

A re-telling of the story of Rapunzel with plenty of comedic characters and a little bit of magic.

There were a few musical #’s I didn’t particularly like, I think it was pretty much only the ones by the witch that keeps her in the tower. And it’s not that they sounded bad but that I had expected something a little bit different. I think they’ll just have to grow on me. Most of the musical moments throughout the movie I thought were quite great.
I absolutely loved, loved, loved Maximus, the horse. And, of course, Pascal the chameleon. They were so funny both separately and together.
This movie was a good laugh and, well, great job Disney.

Title: How To Train Your Dragon
Movie Rating ~ Length: PG ~ 98 min
Genre: Children, Animation
Rating Out of Five: 5!

This is one of my favourite kids movies now! I didn’t even see it until this past fall (see my procrastination in full swing). But it is sooooo good! Everything Toothless does is flipping adorable, I want one of my own! lol

The animation, story, characters, and actors that played them were all fantastic. In my opinion this movie had a pretty stellar cast too. Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson to name a few.

This is a definite must buy, a good movie for everyone to watch. If you don’t like it then you are an empty shell!

Title: Cowboys & Aliens
Movie Rating ~ Length: PG-13 ~ 118 min
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Rating Out of Five: 4

I took way too long to write this one up…

I really liked Harrison Ford as a grumpy, arrogant, old man in this movie, it left me grinning long after the movie was over. Daniel Craig was awesome as well and, of course, especially the two of them together. The humour between the two of them at times was fantastic. I really enjoyed the movie overall, even though it was slightly ludicrous it was fun to watch. I liked how the aliens looked, although those little hands coming out of their chests definitely ‘icked’ me out a little bit. But I am still contemplating buying this one. If it drops to a decent price then I think that I might. For a fun sci-fi time this is a good one to watch.

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Movie Rating ~ Length: Pg-13 ~ 130 min
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Rating Out of Five: 5!

I had tears in my eyes so many times during this movie. Partly because there were lots of sad moments and because it’s the last movie! The Harry Potter series is now over. After continually anticipation for more story for more than a decade it’s hard to believe that this is the end. At least it ended on a good note as I loved the movie.
I haven’t re-read the seventh book since its original release in 2007 so I am not sure of the accuracy to the storyline but I really enjoyed the movie.

The death of Snape made me cry and then seeing his memories and the reason behind all of his actions, was just so well done. That is something I do recall from the book.
If you haven’t watched them yet you definitely should do so or at least read the books. Rowling is a truly amazing storyteller.

Title: Something Borrowed
Movie Rating ~ Length: PG-13 ~ 112 min
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating Out of Five: 4.5

I quite enjoyed this movie. It is the reason I decided to read the book in the first place and then the second one as well. If you haven’t read the books yet you should definitely see the movie first as there are changes made to the storyline but I liked both the books and the movie, even with the changed bits in the movie.
I think that picked cast for this movie were good choices. I am particularly fond of John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin, they are great. Kate Hudson did a good job as the self-centered friend, people pleasing, attention drawing friend I think.

Lots of humour throughout the movie as well as touching/sad moments. Definitely a chick flick so guys beware!

4 thoughts on “Movie Review ~ Batch

  1. I am going to confess that the only movie you have reviewed here is Tangled! I just do not watch them! The last movie I saw at the theater was Midnight In Paris which was WONDERFUL! but I do not watch them at home! Heck! I really don’t even go out to see them! I am so boring!


    • I totally understand what you mean and I’m sure you’re not boring but just have different things to occupy your time 🙂 I don’t have much time for movies either anymore it seems, most of these where seen in the fall and I am just a super procrastinator. I almost always fall asleep while watching them at home lol Usually takes a few tries to get through one.


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