Book Review ~ “Something Blue”

Title: Something Blue
Author: Emily Giffin
Genre: Fiction
Rating out of Five: 4

This book pretty much picks up where the previous one left off but it is from Darcy’s point of view.
Her life is unraveling at the seams until she decides to just get away from it all and goes to England to stay with Ethan, a grade school friend that she and Rachel share.
In England she hopes to just escape everything that is collapsing on her but finds herself having no where to go but to deal with everything that she originally ran away from.

I loved having the story continue after the previous story and that this one is from Darcy’s point of view. In this book, she really grows as a person and has a lot of brutal honesty thrown at her, real tough love. She takes on many challenges all alone that many women don’t have to do, which is very admirable. She learns to stand on her own feet and deal with things that come at her than running from it or pretending it didn’t happen.

A very wonderful story indeed!


2 thoughts on “Book Review ~ “Something Blue”

  1. I have yet to read either of these and they have been out for quite a long time! I read the newest Janet Evanovich offering the night before last when I got home from volunteering at my church – quick read (only 3 hours) but a cute book if a more than a bit on the frothy side – I am not much of a romance person but needed a book that didn’t require a whole lot of thought – Love in a Nutshell was just that book.


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