*Bucketlist In Progress & Project 365 Links

Alright I finally got all my 365 photos uploaded to my Photobucket account the other night. So now the months are available for viewing separately if anyone would like. Figured it would make it a lot easier than clicking from post to post. So you can check those out in the page at the top right labeled as “My 2011 Project 365 Links”. Please let me know if you come across a link that doesn’t work correctly so that I can fix it. 🙂

And now for the ‘in the works’ stuff…

#2 – learn every song from every artist I own and review ~ Always in a state of progress.

#15 – Write music to all my songs and share with on person ~ this seems to come and go when the mood hits….

#70 – Learn Japanese ~ Has been less of a focus the last couple months, but it will be eating up more free time more often the coming weeks. It’s still lots of fun!

#71 – Collage whole house ~ Coming along rather nicely, I’ll have to post some pics of where the walls are at the moment. Will do some more work on it in the next few days I think.

#82 – Watch all movies/TV seasons and review ~ this is pretty much always in progress.

#89 – Learn to shoot a gun & get a licence ~ Learnt how to shoot a gun this past fall and have the PAL application downloaded to my computer just need to get that printed off.

#104 – Read all my books, rate & review ~ I put a decent dent into my ‘to read’ bookshelf and have done pretty good with not reading more than 2 or 3 books at a time.

#113 – No more swearing ~ This has been extremely difficult for me, I am making it more of a focal point this year. This bad habit I so want gone.

#127 – Keep journals for a year to give to my son when he turns 18 ~ I started this on Jan 1st this year (2012).


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