Project 365 – December 28th to 31st

December 28th – Date night ~ pool and beer!

December 29th – I  found a random thumbtack sticking out of my apartment door and that was my intention for this photo but I ended up liking this one more.

December 30th – Out playing at the park with my fiancée and my son, absolutely gorgeous day out, I think both boys had about the same amount of fun lol. Never too big for the park!

December 31st – The last one! I felt a large amount of pressure and a little bit sad about getting my last picture. Decided I quite liked this one and it fit with it being New years Eve. Rum and coke 😀 (and thank you to my lovely hostess and assistant).


2 thoughts on “Project 365 – December 28th to 31st

  1. I have read a very large amount of your posts. I have oh so enjoyed seeing your pictures. You are the most amazing women in my life and you take very thought provoking pictures. I will always look forward to more.


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