Project 365 – December 8th to 13th

December 8th – Prolly one of the last nice days before winter is in full swing I would think. It’s already starting to get cold. I do love the sunshine 🙂

December 9th – The cloud coverage is sitting so low it looks like the steam coming from either a hotel or a restaurant downtown is the cause of it, like it’s filling up the valley.

December 10th – My son walking around with his toes in his ‘catchy’ ball. Was bloody cute as it made him basically waddle lol

December 11th – Walking to work in the little bit of snow that fell during the night, only like maybe 2 cm.

December 12th – Just pretties 🙂 Was almost late for work today as I kept stopping to take pictures this morning on the way to work. Very little snow left from the previous nights snowfall, will prolly all melt today.

December 13th – I was only home for about 15 min yesterday and noticed them outside just before heading out. That is the third emergency vehicle here this week. This one had its lights on but no siren. Makes me real curious, want to know what is going on. On a side note it was bloody cold today and the wind made it so much more worse.


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