Project 365 – November 21st

November 21st -Slowly moving across the bridge yesterday afternoon on an attempt to go to the Westside but traffic was riduculous! Took over an hour just to go like five blocks…

* On a happier note, my son turned four yesterday it totally made up for the stressfulness of stuff earlier in the day, he had a fantastic time of it 🙂
Time is moving by so quickly!


2 thoughts on “Project 365 – November 21st

  1. Time slips away so quickly when our children enter our lives. It seems only yesterday that I was taking mine to kindergarten and now I have one only a half a year from high school. Each day flies away faster than the next. If only I could put one or two of these days into a bottle, stop it up and save it for another day.


    • It really, really does zip by quickly, some days more than others, but they are filled with so much entertainment along the way 🙂
      If only that bottle idea would work, cause that would be pretty darn awesome!


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