*Bucketlist Update ~ Last Set of List Revisions + #92 – DONE

I had kinda said I was limiting my list to 130 and possibly going to add more to it later (so I’d have more than a 130) but after a lot of thinking I have decided that I don’t want to make it longer than it already is. So that said this will be my last set of revisions and I feel very happy with my final decisions.

The following numbers on my list are changed to:

#4 ~ Write down five things that you are grateful for everyday for a year
#8 ~ Have a Harry Potter marathon, watch all eight movies back to back
#11 ~ Have a huge musical film marathon encompassing movies from the 1940s to present day. Try and get as many people involved with it as possible cause musicals are so much more fun when shared with others!
#22 ~ Take a trip down to Las Vegas at least once
#44 ~ Have a Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition) marathon, back to back
#55 ~ Learn Korean
#59 ~ Take fencing lessons

Plus, finished #92 on the list: Start a blog/website for a year. I had originally started this on Livejournal at the end of October 2010 but switched to WordPress at the beginning of April this year.


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