Project 365 – September 22nd to 28th

September 22nd – Outside with my son on the ‘lawn’ at our apartment, just chilling.

September 23rd – from a “laffy taffy” wrapper (my fave candy ever!). Little riddles from kids, they are so cute and cheesy, which is why they make me chuckle.

September 24th – Playing with the Bucky Balls while on my break at work.

September 25th – While randomly flipping through one of the weekly smutties, I came across this ad and random laugh about it. If only this as could be true!

September 26th – Walking home from work in the rain, not too far left at this point.

September 27th – Playing blocks with my kid after getting back home.

September 27th – Got an early Christmas gift from a friend of mine today, Greedo bobble head! One of three that I am missing in the first series 🙂 (Thanks so much dude)


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