Cirque du Soleil “Dralion” #83 – DONE

This show was amazing, incredible, enthralling, goosebump inducing awesome, stunning, astonishing, marvelous, mesmerizing and I could definitely find many more words to continue to add-on. I am so glad that I was able to go and see this show. I am definitely going to go see the Cirque again when it comes out to this area again, even signed up for the email so I will know well in advance about it.

It is difficult to pick a favourite part because I really loved everything. If I have to pick a few I would say, the aerial hoop girl, the juggler and the Dralions, they were fantastic. I think I picked them because they all need pretty extreme precision, one wrong placement and it can mess everything else up. Not that, that isn’t the cause for ever other part but it felt a little more intense with these acts.

The seats we had we on the floor, in the second row and I loved them. I loved being able to see all the costume and make-up details and the expressions on the performers faces. You can tell that they really feed of the audiences’ reaction to their performance because their faces would just light up and the smiles got even bigger. That was very cool to see and made it more fun for me to watch as I knew they were having fun and not just doing a job.

Oh! and I almost forgot all about the clowns!! God they were so bloody funny! I laughed so much, they were so silly, extremely entertaining and they did a great job on engaging the audience.

I think that I definitely want to get the DVD for this performance simply because it would be nice to see everything as a whole ’cause there is so much going on at once it’s difficult to catch everything especially sitting as close as we were. They were sold out of the DVD on the day we went to the show so I only got a program which is great too. I’m going to treasure that!

My program and ticket for the show

The four elements – main characters of the show


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