Moving Aftermath ~ good and bad

Finished moving into the new place thursday afternoon at four PM. It was a very long two days, probably the worst moving experience I have ever had but the small amount of people helping where absolutely amazing. (Thanks Bros x3, Andrea, J.ho and Kellie – so helpful wouldn’t have gotten it done without you guys)
So far I really love the place, it is smaller than our previous place but that doesn’t really matter to me. I am just so glad that I live so central in the city now and can walk down to the beach, grocery store, mall, doctors office, and it’s still right on a bus route. The perfect place!  I will have absolutely no excuse to not go anywhere because I am pretty close to everything, so there’ll be lots of time spent outside.

I am hoping to be able to rest up little tonight, still feeling pretty darn exhausted. I only ended up sleeping just over two hours Wednesday night, as I had to get lots of cleaning done and then did three loads to the new place by myself. There is no elevator at the building I live in and out unit is on the third floor.  It was a “good” time….that bit of furniture *ugh* lol I had a very heavy box fall right on the inside of my thighs and then that caused me to fall down the stairs :S Thankfully I had help with the fourth load and some last-minute cleaning otherwise it just wouldn’t have happened, I just didn’t have the energy to do anymore. Having a shower that night (thursday) was pure bliss! I have so many bruises all over my body, kinda looks like some one roughed me up lol
Ah maa~ at least it is over with and I think it will work out really great where we are at now. Although, the deck being up three stories is going to take some getting used still.

Again thanks to all the people who helped out with the move, you guys made it happen!

PS. Cirque du Soleil tomorrow afternoon! ~ EXCITED!


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