Movie Review ~ Batch

Title: Ong Bak 3
Genre: Foreign (Thai), Action
Rating Out of Five: 3.5

This movie starts almost exactly where the second one left off, on a bit of a cliff hanger. The movie overall wasn’t that great. for like the first fifteen minutes, there is pretty much no talking whatsoever just lots of stuff happening and you’re to sure why it’s all important. The fighting in here was, of course, awesome but this movie has the least amount of fighting in it, it’s too bad the story wasn’t as good to make up for it. I understand why they needed to make this third one to finish up the series, but it was a little disappointing. Hopefully whatever Tony Jaa does next has, not only has super awesome fight scenes, but a decent story to go with it as well.

Title: I Am Number Four
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Rating Out of Five: FIVE!

This was such a good movie, so good that I am actually going to buy it next week instead of burning it. For me to say that says much about the movie cause I don’t buy very many movies anymore. The story, characters (and actors that were picked for them), the bad guys (they were creepy looking) and all the action, stunts and effects, were fantastic! I recommend reading the book after the movie, as it is different, not drastically (like Eragon) but enough that you’ll be able to enjoy both, if you do movie first and then book after. I really would like to see another movie made to continue this series on, it exceeded my expectations immensely.

Title: Kimi ni Todoke (Live Action)
Genre: JMovie, Drama, Romance
Rating Out of Five: Four

The main character, Sawako, (or Sadako from “The Ring” as her classmates call her), is a feared and misunderstood girl at the beginning because there are rumours that she can see ghosts and can curse people. She is really, in reality, very sweet and shy and just wants to be friends with everyone and to be accepted by her peers. The most popular boy (Kazehaya) in the class begins talking with her, despite the ridiculous rumours, and they become friends. As the story progresses so does their relationship and her ability to make friends and interact with the people around her. Very cutesy, and rather typical high school behaviour overall.
This movie is based on a manga series (by Karuho Shiina), and I am definitely going to read it now so I can get all of the story as it can’t all fit into a single movie and I want to see all the interaction between all of the characters.


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