Book Review ~ “Planet Ladder”

*NOTE: This is an older post that has been moved over from my LJ Account, I made an effort to not change very much to the original post*

Title: Planet Ladder
Author: Yuri Narushima
Genre: Manga ~ Shoujo, Supernatural, Sci-Fi
Rating: Five
# of Volumes: Seven ~ Complete

The main character is a girl named Kaguya who is orphaned as a small child, and is more than she seems.  The story more or less is about parallel worlds (or I suppose, a universe that has many worlds that are livable and are able to travel to if you want to) and a universal prophecy about a chosen girl.
My favourite characters are the “chicken doll” (waseda-san), who used to be human and is incredibly funny.  And Prince Seeu, who is completely emotionally detached from everyone and everything at the start of the series.  By the end of the series he ends up having an almost playful attitude towards the people around him.
I think that all the characters were nicely developed, they all had equal storyline time even though the story centers around the young girl.  Also, four of the main-ish characters are “living weapons”, very cool.
The story overall was very interesting, most manga is easy to breeze through and requires little thinking.  This series pushes you to see how things are connected throughout the story as it goes along.  Highly recommend and the art is pretty fantastic as well.


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