Book Review ~ “Assholes Finish First”

*NOTE: This is an older post that has been moved over from my LJ Account, I made an effort to not change very much to the original post*

Title: Assholes Finish First
Author: Tucker Max
Genre: Humour
Rating: 4.5

This book recounts more of his ridiculous drunken escapades and sex stories.  After I read his first book, I concluded that he was a complete douchebag and that I disliked him (even though I did enjoy the book).  Upon further reflection, and after reading through the second book, I don’t really think that anymore.  Tactless, yes, and purposely hurtful in many situations, yes. But by my standards, that doesn’t necessarily make someone an utter jerk.  Saying something plain instead of sugar-coating is something that I am definitely all about and appreciate from others as well.
In his books not once does he ever force anyone to do anything.  Manipulation is something he is extremely good at but in the end it’s always the other parties choice.  There are far too many people pleasers out there and he is well aware of this and works it to his advantage.  I find myself disappointed in my gender a fair bit, the bimbos he encounters certainly give the sane ones a terrible reputation, it is unfortunate. That all said, I thought this book was hilarious, I don’t think I got through a single story without laughing.  I have to conclude that in many situations he is indeed awesome.  I am looking forward to his next book.


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