Music Review ~ Five Iron Frenzy (FIF)

Name:  Five Iron Frenzy (FIF)
Years Active: Formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2003
Genre:  Ska
Albums Released: Six
Members:  Reese Roper – Lead Vocals, Micah Ortega – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keith Hoerig – Bass, Andrew Verdecchio – Drums, Vocals, Nathanael “Brad” Dunham – Trumpet, Dennis Culp – Trombone, Vocals, Leasnor “Jeff the Girl” Ortega – Saxophone, Vocals

*Not part of band for full active status: Sonnie Johnston (1998-2003) – Guitar & Scott Kerr (1995-1998) – Guitar, Vocals

This group seriously carried me through both middle school and high school, one of my favourite bands ever.  I like them just as much as I did ten years ago.  There were not many people who I knew back then that enjoyed Ska music, it really is an acquired taste for some people.  The year that they broke up (which was rather heartbreaking for me…), in 2003, they decided to do a final tour to just wrap everything up and to say good byes to all the fans.

One of my two favourite things about this group is their ability to write very diverse lyrics.  They have some very serious and thought-provoking songs and others are just so ridiculous and meant to make you laugh and enjoy a ’bout of randomness. A song for every kind of situation I would say.
My other favourite thing is the bassist……Keith Hoerig is SICK!! One of my top five favourite bassists ever! I remember the first song I ever heard by this group and I don’t think I picked my jaw up from the floor till after the song was over.  I can only ever hope to be able to move my fingers as fast as this man can…..Hero…. *nods head vigorously*

And lastly, while members of this group have done some side projects over the years, there is not going to be a reunion in the future, despite many rumours that have circled around about this possibility.


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