Music Review ~ “Anberlin”

Artist: Anberlin
Years Active: 2002 to Present
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
Number of Albums Released: Six Full Length Albums

This is a band that I really, really like and another one that I have been listening to since their first album came out and still utterly devoted. They actually remind a little bit of Juliana Theory, at least vocally anyway.
The lead singers voice is extremely melodic, it just kind of pulls you in. They are all very talented musicians and I like how the music seems so simple for a lot of their songs.  It definitely is a little part of the appeal for me.

In many cases this band is labelled as a christian group simply because they signed to Tooth & Nail Records, which was primarily a Christian band based record label when it was first created (that isn’t the case anymore).  While the members have all stated at one point that they are christians, they don’t write their music with their faith or any religion as the basis for their songs. My favourite thing about this band is their ability to write lyrics, I think they are geniuses in this aspect.  The music is all very personal, about life and choices, and is open to different interpretations for different people.  I think that this is the best way to write music and find this very impressive feat. It is not easy to be able to reach so many different kinds of people and get different reactions through a single song.  I think a lot of artists strive for this end result and, unfortunately, miss it completely. To be able to write music like this band is my goal, for it to be personal but not overtaken by own experiences or feelings.

I absolutely recommend all of their albums, I can’t even pick a favourite one cause they are all fantastic!


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