*Bucketlist Update ~ In Progress

  • For reviewing music I thought I would just go from ‘A to Z’ but I decided to go through them at random, more dependent on my mood.  I don’t want it to get monotonous and have it feeling like a chore because it isn’t suppose to be like that.  (#2)
  • I will be going to Cirque du Soleil at the beginning of July! I am very, very  excited! (#83)
  • I am nearly finished with putting together my time capsule, just a few things I need to finish up. I am hoping to have figured out where I will stash it by my birthday in May.  A co-worker gave me a really good idea so just trying to get that all figured out. (#110)
  • My caffeine intake is down to a maximum of 3 cups a day but I normally only drink two cups a day now.  I don’t drink energy drinks at all anymore, and I am sure my body is very thankful for that. I would like to have coffee given up by the time summer rolls around, I think that is very doable. (#72)
  • Project 365 is still going smoothly.  I am really having a lot of fun with this, gotten some really great pictures and always exciting to see what could work for my picture that day.  Look at certain things differently, it’s all very interesting.  I would like to get into the habit of updating at least every second day instead of about once a week. (#103)
  • I am thinking that I will start the journal keeping for my son on the first of May. I found the perfect journals for this project and I am getting pretty stoked to start this. (#127)
  • I have several book reviews that I need to sit down and do, my goal is to get them up by the beginning of next week. (#104)
  • Done working on one song and will be moving on the next one shortly.  I don’t think I will be posting the song up on here, or at least at this time.  Perhaps when I get a couple more finished I will do a bulk post. (#14)
  • #92 is in still in full swing (start a blog/site for at least a year). Plan to get a big chunk of stuff moved over from my previous site this afternoon.
  • I am still working away at learning Japanese.  My focus has been more on vocabulary the last few months and just listening to conversation, starting to feel a little more confident with translating.  I did find a great site with online courses and certified teachers from Japan and they help you get ready to take any/all levels of the JLPT.  I will most likely get in on this once I finish my TEFL schooling. (#70)

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